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Why you should be dining at Seda Abreeza’s Misto on Kadayawan week


If I’m to be concise, I will give you two reasons why you should be dining at Misto on Kadayawan week—the food and art. But no, I will be detailed and give your five because each entry deserves its own praises.


  1. The Chocnut Banana Turon


5 reasons to dine at Misto, Seda Abreeza on Kadayawan week

Chocnut Banana Turon. Turon na, Choc Nut pa!


The Pinoy favorite kakanin has seen different interpretations: topped with ice cream, mixed with other fruits, the caramel coating sprinkled with sesame seeds, but this is the first time I’ve tasted Misto’s version.

The Chocnut Banan Turon is a marriage of two Pinoy favorites the Gen-Xers (pehaps the Baby Boomers as well) grew up with—the turon and the Choc Nut. Although each can be enjoyed separately, Chef Bang decided to give something to reminisce on with a single bite (wide eyed, drops the fork).

Sweetness level is just right that’s why I loved it.


  1. Champurrado Bico with Malagos Dark Chocolate Ganache


5 reasons to dine at Misto, Seda Abreeza on Kadayawan week

Ayan na! Champurrado Bico with Malagos Dark Chocolate Ganache. No one will judge you if you eat these with tuyo.


Ok! Camporado na, biko na, may sikwate topping pa! How much more decadent can this kakanin be?

Chef Bang says she cooked the “malagkit” with Malagos sikwate champorado style but with biko consistency, and topped it with Malago dark chocolate ganache.

What can I say? Only that this kakanin- dessert deserves a French’y name. Any suggestions?

Unlike the traditional biko, this one is not too sweet.


  1. Ube Leche Flan Cake


5 reasons to dine at Misto, Seda Abreeza on Kadayawan week

Ube Leche Flan Cake. There’s dark chocolate cake inside.


Ube and Leche Flan made it to the dessert’s name but Chef Bang omitted to mention what the cake is—it’s Malagos dark chocolate cake. Yes, may ube na, may leche flan pla at may chocolate cake pa!

This one is another three-in-one wonder. Each flavor is quite distinct and plays nicely together with every forkful.

Again, you may perceive that the ube frosting, the lechflan topping and chocolate cake as sweet, overpowering sweetness when eaten together. But no, each component is rightly sweetened with bittersweet taste of the dark chocolate balancing everything.


  1. Malagos Dark Chocolate Cheesecake


5 reasons to dine at Misto, Seda Abreeza on Kadayawan week

Malagos Dark Chocolate Cheesecake. Feast on 5 layers of chocolates.


No, the three-in-one dessert drama is not yet over, Chef Bang has another one and she’s going overboard with five layers of dark chocolate: Dark chocolate-Graham crust, dark chocolate with cheese cake, a coat of dark chocolate ganache, whipped cream -dark chocolate ganache and garnished with thin dark chocolate triangle.

Can we call this quintuple layer dark chocolate cheesecake?

What’s unique about this dessert is the use of the chevre cheese for the cheesecake layer. The chevre gives the tangy contrast to the rich bittersweet flavor of the dark chocolate layers.

The dessert may be rich but the sweetness level is perfect!


The woman behind the kakaibang kakanin at minatamis, Chef Bang Flores



  1. Tabula Rasa

Last but not the least—the Tabula Rasa. No, it’s not some exotic dessert but an art group that’s exerting all its efforts in putting Davao and Mindanao art and artists on the forefront.


5 reasons to dine at Misto, Seda Abreeza on Kadayawan week

Sit for the Tabula Rasa artists


For the Kadayawan season, the group’s art pieces are on exhibit and on sale. The pieces are great—beautiful paintings, right sized and totally affordable—and good for those who wants to start or add another to the collection without breaking the bank.

On dinner buffet nights, August 17-19, when Misto bestsellers and Kadayawan food highlights will be enjoyed, five Tabula Rasa artists on each night will be sketching portraits of dinner guests (to be drawn in a raffle).

Food and art, that’s double the fun at Misto. I know I had fun as I was among those who got first dibs on the Kadayawan promotion. Yes, I had loads of the desserts and my portrait sketched by two fab artists, Daryl Descallar and Brando Cedeño. Thanks guys!


5 reasons to dine at Misto, Seda Abreeza on Kadayawan week

Portrait sketching by Tabula Rasa artists. I look good in your renditions, Daryl Descallar & Brando Cedeño


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