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Opening Celebrations in Davao

Inaugurations are most festive occasions. So far the Davao August calendar was marked with celebrations of flowers, food, fashion and beauty. Here’s a round-up of what transpired on Week 2.


Kadayawan official opening at Magsaysay Park

The council promised a grander, bigger and more colorful Kadayawan festival this year and the opening ceremony proved that they meant business.


Opeing celebrations in Davao

Kadayawan, a bigger, more colorful celebration of unity. 11 tribes dancing to a single beat


It was a beautiful and well-organized party with every sector represented: the Davao tribes lead by their deputy mayors, festival partners, Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio with the city government officials, the media and most importantly, the citizens.


Opeing celebrations in Davao

Kadaywan 2017 was officially opened by Mayor Sara Duterte at Magasaysay Park


The energy in the park was overflowing. How the 11 tribes danced together to a single beat proved that unity in diversity is true in Davao. Truly a heartwarming affair.


Opeing celebrations in Davao

the 11 tribes of Davao represented on stage


It’s a good reason to revisit Magsaysay Park if you haven’t seen the place in ages. There’s a Kadayawan Village where Davao’s 11 tribes setup houses. It’s a one stop cultural education for everyone.

Today is the final day of the Kadayawan, you might want to join the festivity on the streets.


Habi Kadayawan finds a winner in a musician

Her music took a form, the kulintang-inspired Agong piece bagged Maan Chua the top prize in the first Habi Kadayawan fashion accessory design competition.


Opeing celebrations in Davao

Musician Maan CHua bags top prize in Habi Kadayawan fahsion accesories design contest. with her are fellow winners Lala Chua & Jun Artajo


Maan was among a group of fabulous Davao designers in the tilt. The judges, however, were unanimous in their choice of winning design—the armor-like cluster of gongs designed by the singer/songwriter.


Opeing celebrations in Davao

Maan Chua’s “Agong”. The grand prize winner of the 1st Habi Mindanao fashion accessories design competition


According to the judges, Maan’s piece was unique, refined, well executed and globally competitive.

Jun Artajo and Lala Chua, who both designed footwear, won second and third places.


Opeing celebrations in Davao

Winning entries of Lala Chua (3rd place) & Jun Artajo (2nd place)


The entries are on display at the 2nd level of SM Lanang Premier. Go check it out.


Mindanao Trade Exhibit highlights Matigsalug Tribe

For years now, MTE highlights Mindanao artistry and gathers creations from the different regions in one hall.


Opeing celebrations in Davao

MTE 2017 organizers & partners


This year, the Matisalug tribe’s handicrafts are taking center stage. The tribe was the recipient of consultation and training programs that will take the handcrafted products to the global market.


Manara art installation at Abreeza

Designed and created by Toym Imao and Liliana Manahan, the Manara interactive art exhibition beckons everyone in Abreeza to check out the imposing spires that rose along the Abreeza hallway and “contemplate”.


Opeing celebrations in Davao

The Manara at Abreeza Mall


Manara is an Arabic word that means “lighthouse,” where the term “minaret” originates. This is the inspiration of the artists and uses it as a canvas to show a glimpse into Muslim Mindanao culture and as a call for peace and unity.


Toym Imao at the opening of Manara interactive art exhibition at Abreeza Mall


Making the installation more interesting is the material used. Imao said that they sourced it from Marawi before the siege.


Opeing celebrations in Davao

The flight of the Sarimanok


The exhibit is ongoing at the Abreeza Mall hallway.


Miniso opens Davao store

The company VIPs broke the sake barrel to officially open the Japanese-designed product store Minoso.


Opeing celebrations in Davao

Miniso is now open in Davao


It’s quite impossible to leave this store empty handed. Priced very affordably, the quality products of Miniso ranges from beauty to electronics, home necessities to fashion accessories, and lots more.


Opeing celebrations in Davao

Ready to serve you


Miniso is certainly a nice addition to Davao. Go visit them at the 2nd level main building of SM City Davao.


Café Clarice serves good food

The Australian-trained chef Josamme Barbadillo will whip up his Asian and Western fusion dishes using homemade and locally sourced ingredients, plates them a la nouvelle cuisine and lets you dine under crystal chandeliers, this is what Café Clarice dining is all about.


Dine under crystal chandeliers with Australia-trained chef Josamme Barbadillo delicious dishes at very affordable prices at Cafe Clarice.


Yes, it may exude the fancy joint aura serving very tasty food but everything on the menu is affordably priced. You could have a four-course meal of appetizer, salad, main course and dessert for a little over P500. Isn’t that a steal?


Opeing celebrations in Davao

Crsipy Pork Belly


Café Clarice is at C-Tree Hotel, Acacia Street, Juna Subdivision.


Beauty indulgences

If you’re in the Matina area and in need of pampering, try The Loft Salon at Matina Town Square. The staff is experienced in their craft and the head stylist was trained in a well-known Manila salon.


Opeing celebrations in Davao

The LOFT Salon opens at Matina Town Square


This August, the salon is offering select services at a discount.

But if you’re anywhere else around the city and needs to escape the heat and rest your tired festival feet, Rocky’s Barbershop has a special August offer for both men and women.


Opeing celebrations in Davao

Indulgence for men and women at all Rocky’s branches this Kadayawan month.


It’s 20 percent discount on Argan Hair Spa therapy and the Foot Spa. Why not get both and emerge rejuvenated and ready for another bout of Kadayawan merrymaking.


Opeing celebrations in Davao

IT’s 20% off on Argan Oil Hair Spa and Foot Spa at all Rocky’s Barbershop branches. Mindnanao Times columnists, Marilyn Roque & Ian Garcia, got pampered at the SPArty.


All Rocky’s Barbershops are conveniently located in the mall of Davao so wherever you may be, there’s a Rocky’s branch near you.

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Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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