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RBG goes “Xtreme”

RBG Bar and Grill at Park Inn puts upsized meals to shame with its newest food promotion, the RBG’s Xtreme Meal.


RBG Xtreme Meal promotion

What’s a monster meal? Curiosity got me to the venue way too early than the appointed time


What do you crave for for merienda? A burger, pizza and fudge ala mode, perhaps? Now, RBG goes extreme and multiplies the sizes of those by ten so you and a basketball team including the coach, the assistant and the water boy can have your fill.


RBG Xtreme Meal promotion

A giant burger with 1 kilogram of beef patty


RBG Xtreme Meal promotion

A super pizza, the 20” x 30” Four Seasons pizza.


RBG Xtreme Meal promotion

The Monster Trifle. Enough to make monsters out of dessert lovers


“RBG Xtreme meal is not just a satisfying meal with a heaping serving, it also offers value for money.” says Hotel Manager Emelyn Rosales. “For only Php3,499.00, you get to enjoy this set with a group of 10 or even 15 friends. “

When RBG says they are seving epic proportions, they mean it. It’s like looking at the selections through a magnifying glass only that the magnifying glass is not there.


RBG Xtreme Meal promotion

This is one giant burger.


RBG Xtreme Meal promotion

Four seasons of fun


RBG Xtreme Meal promotion

Take a closer look at this delightful monstrosity


Everything is real. The Four Seasons Supper Pizza is sized 20” x 30” with these flavors: Supreme, Four Cheese, Bacon and Cheese and Veggie; the burger is one giant burger with a patty weighing 1 kilogram; and the dessert, the Monster Trifle, is made up of four layers of sweet treats: brownies, mousse, cookies and ice cream, served in a giant ice cream cup like a parfait.

Yes, this is one extreme merienda meal alright. Like they always say, the more, the merrier.

RBG Xtreme meal is available daily from 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM beginning July 15 to August 14, 2017.

ALso published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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