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Say it with succulents on Mother’s Day

HERE’S something unique that will surprise moms on their special day.

You would think the hardware is exclusively dad’s territory, but not at Trust Home Depot (THD). Moms are just as welcome in this place. To prove a point, they have cooked up something for moms, or for the family to gift mom on Mother’s Day.


Sayit with scculents

Get your gift for mom at Visit Trust Home Depot’s Mother’s Day Pop-up shop.


You wouldn’t normally venture into a hardware store for Mother’s Day gifts but Stephanie Seng Ong, vice president for marketing for Trust Home Depot said, “We don’t only help build houses, we also want to make it a home so we are always in search of ideas that will help cultivate relationships.”


The many colors of succulents

Cool shades. Succulents come in all kinds of colors.


From May 8 to 14, Trust Home Depot celebrates Mothers in all forms by collaborating with Botanophilic Davao, an online shop that offers artfully arranged succulents and ornamental plants.

“For Mother’s Day, we wanted to share a special gift idea that would appeal to everyone. Succulents are inexpensive, low-maintenance, enduring, colorful, come in different shapes and sizes, can survive in just about any condition or container, some have health benefits, and don’t they look so pretty lined up on your shelf?”


Succulents are easy to care fot

Cheer up mom! Succulents and cacti gardens also make the perfect gift. It’s affordable, simple to transport, & easy to care for.


The face behind Botanophilic Davao is self-titled “Millennial Jardinera,” Ching Olmoguez, who dipped her green thumb into growing plants and has turned her hobby into a full-fledged online business.

Don’t miss “Say it with Succulents,” a Mother’s Day pop-up shop at Trust Home Depot, Quimpo Boulevard, in front of John Paul College from May 8 to 14.


Visit the Mother’s Day Pop-Up store at Trust Home Depot


For inquiries, call Trust (298-7878), add them on Facebook: Trust Home Depot and follow them on Instagram at @trusthomedepot.

P.S. Did you know that certain succulents and cacti continue to release oxygen at night? It’s a good idea to have succulents and cacti in your home to help keep the air fresh while removing some of the toxins from the environment.


Succulents emit oxygen

Succulents always emit fresh air, just like mom!


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Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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