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Mom: always a breath of fresh air

Fact: certain succulents and cacti continue to release oxygen at night.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to have succulents and cacti in your home to help keep the air fresh while removing some of the toxins where it’s placed.

Breathe the fresh air.


Blogger moms at DIY succulent potting workshop

Say I love you with these succulents. It makes for a great gift for mom this Mother’s Day.


You know what will always be a breath of fresh air? It’s mom at home.

Moms at home will always be the source of TLC- tender, loving care, and no one can ever take her place. Her love is true and unconditional.

It’s just right that we give back the love in whatever way we can—a thank you, a kiss and a hug, the extra hand in the house chores, a dozen roses, her favorite perfume, or the smallest gift that we perceive as little but means the world to her coming from you.


Blogger moms at DIY succulent potting workshop

Making one for her mom.


Stephanie Seng-Ong, VP for Marketing for Trust Home Depot, a mom herself, just made it easier for every son, daughter, all the mommy lovers, and suggested a Mother’s Day present moms will appreciate. How about succulents?


Ready for moms to take their positions


Roses are great but succulents last longer, or even forever if taken care well enough since it can act like mom and give birth to new plants.

To show how easy it is to create the decorative piece, care and propagate succulents, Stephanie invited moms who blog at the “Say it with Succulents” Pop-up Store to meet the young entrepreneur who refers to herself as the “Millennial Jardinera”. Ching Olmoguez. The young girl of 23 dipped her green thumb into growing plants and turned her hobby into a full-fledged online business Botanophilic Davao.


Blogger moms at DIY succulent potting workshop

Young, talented entrepreneurial sisters Olmoguez.


If mom can get creative in running an entire household, then making Ching’s ornamental wonders can be learned in a snap, which the guest moms proved.

Ching then gave the women pointers on how to care for the plants and propagate them should they want a few more of the fresh air manufacturers around the house.


Blogger moms at DIY succulent potting workshop

How to pot a succulent and propagate it. Ching leads the mini workshop for the blogger moms.


Blogger moms at DIY succulent potting workshop

Blogger moms at the “Say it with Succulents” mini-workshop with BotanoPhilic’s Ching Olmoguez; moms who blog- A-an Alfafara, Lovely Boiser, Pal Raine, Verna Luga; IG mom Helen Co; and Stephanie Ong, Trust Home Depot VP for Marketing.


After the quick lesson, the moms were treated to a tea party. Cool, refreshing organic tea was served along with English biscuits courtesy of Mark & Spencer.


Blogger moms at DIY succulent potting workshop

Now serving: M&S biscuits & cookies


Blogger moms at DIY succulent potting workshop

Chika time.


Blogger moms at DIY succulent potting workshop

Tea time with Marks & Spencer after the DIY workshop


Stephanie shares that the hardware store may be perceived as men’s territory, but women do visit it as often as men especially when creating a new home or redecorating one.

As for gifting, the power tools for dad will make sense but gift for mom from the hardware?

“We wouldn’t normally venture into a hardware store for Mother’s Day gifts, but at Trust Home Depot we wanted to share a special gift idea that would appeal to mom and everyone else in the family.”


Blogger moms at DIY succulent potting workshop

Succulents & loot bags. Moms take home stuff they love.


Succulents are inexpensive, low-maintenance, enduring, colorful, come in different shapes and sizes, can survive in just about any condition or container, some have health benefits, and don’t they look so pretty lined up on your shelf?” said Stephanie.

“Say it with Succulents” is another of THD’s creative ways to showcase what the hardware store can offer.

“We don’t only help build houses, we also want to make it a home so we are always in search of ideas that will help cultivate relationships,” she added.


Blogger moms at DIY succulent potting workshop

Stephanie shares, “Trust Home Depot’s objective is to build relationships with our customers- dads, moms and even kids. The DIY ornamental plant making and gifting are events that brings us closer to them.”


Today is Mother’s Day and should you want gift mom with a breath of fresh air, get her a succulent at Trust Home Depot. The “Say it with Succulents” pop-up store is on the last day of its one-week run.


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