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Extra rice, please.


This is the time to forget the no-carb diet. Or you can try, but resistance will be futile. Misto at Seda Abreeza’s March food promotion will be the Achilles heel of your strict diet.

The International Rice Bowls made a successful run in Seda BGC, but for Davao, Chef Bang and her culinary team will tweak the recipes to make it their own.


Bang Flores, chef of Misto

Misto’s Chef Bang Flores



Here are Misto’s six reasons to cheat the diet (and they’re all good ones): 1. Hong Kong XO Fried Rice with Scallops and Asparagus; 2. Saffron and Pimiento Basmati Rice (Spanish-Indian fusion); 3. Brown Rice Stir-fry Vegetables; 4. Creole Shrimp Rice (South American-inspired); 5. Thai Spicy Basil Chicken Fried Rice; and 6. Smoked Fish, Salted Egg Fried Rice.


Misto food promotion for Summer 2017

Misto’s dinner feast of International Rice Bowls & Flavors of the Philippines


The danger lies on the style of serving—buffet style! This just means you can have your fill of all six rice bowl varieties and as much as you can take.


Rice bowl Pinoy style

Philippines represent! Smoked Fish, Salted Egg Fried Rice, one of six featured rice bowls


Though each of the bowls is a meal in itself, all-time Pinoy favorites (I will call it the Davao top picks) will be served alongside the stars as the perfect match.


Baked mussels

Baked Tahong in ala Pobre Sauce


Start with the Mixed Salad with Malagos Blue Pepato Cheese, Glazed Pili Nuts, Calamansi-Honey Vinaigrette, or skip it and scoop the rice offerings and servings of seafoods: the grilled squid, shrimp, tuna belly, and the Baked Tahong in ala Pobre Sauce.

Go for a second serving with the boneless lechon this time or perhaps the Chicken BBQ Pinoy Style.

Repeat if necessary. No one around you will judge your appetite for the good food because everybody is on the same boat, so to speak.

To end the meal, there are the classic Filipino desserts to sugar coat your palate, head to the Halo-halo station. I call this dessert the great Pinoy chiller- perfect summer cooler and one fine saccharine fix.


Halo-halo at Misto for summer

Halo-halo, the Pinoy saccharine treat & heat buster


Halo-halo for dessert at Misto

That’s us making our own halo-halo


Make room for the Coffee Leche Flan, Mango Sansrival, Almond Roca Chocolate Finger, Ube Crinkles and Ube Cheesecake as well.


Cheescake usine ube

Ube in cheesecake form


Consider Friday as your official cheat day this March and April. Workout those muscles and burn the calories five days a week and work out your appetite Friday night buffet at Misto. (Php 980nett)

If you want to hold off on the temptation, Misto will gladly have you pick on the set menus (Php 1680 nett, good for 4; and Php 980 nett, good for 2), and ala carte menu (Php 580 nett) for lunch and dinner.

Bon apetit!


Food promo tie-up between Seda Abreeza & DOT

Robby Alabado of DOT-XI & Ken Kapulong of Seda Abreeza


The promotion is made as part of the “Flavors of the Philippines” project initiated by Department of Tourism and Tourism Promotions Board.


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Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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