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With an iflix of a finger


Yup, the power is on your fingertips. Tap the screen and you get access to watch your favorite exclusive shows, award-winning TV series, blockbuster movies, popular local and regional content, children’s programs and more on whatever screen size your prefer—wide screen TV, desktop computer, laptop, tablet or the smartphone.

Thanks to a good friend who tossed a one-year subscription my way, I have been a catching movies I missed or want to see gain via the internet TV service.


iflix movie time at Davao launching

Movie time with iflix.


So far, I’ve caught a few favorite movies I don’t mind seeing again and again, and from the iflix library, I’ve penned a few action movies and a few Filipino indie titles on the must see list.

For a person who doesn’t frequent the movie houses, this is a far better arrangement—popcorn unlimited at any of corner of the house at my own time.

Recently, the iflix team flew to town to touch base with the local media and bloggers over dinner at my favorite home for Filipino comfort food cuisine, Rekado. (The mention of the venue alone made me say yes to the invite in an instant).


Rekado was venue of iflix Davao media launch

Nice place to catch a moive–after feasting on real good Pinoy comfort food.


The second floor set-up—a wide screen at one corner, a throw pillow-filled carpet in another and movie house nibble necessities of popcorn, etc. on the dining tables—was a hint that it was going to be movie night. Sweet.


iflix media launch table set-up

Popcorn & candies, the event’s centerpiece.


But before the indie film images flashed on screen, we were to burn a few calories before assuming the movie house sitting position via a name that iflix film by its theme tune game.

I was the first of the five to be nominated for the game and ended up the oldest in the line-up—the oldest in the room in fact. Naturally, the lolo in the group who doesn’t watch follow any TV series or movies cannot keep up with the millenials. I had to nominate a younger substitute.


parlor game at iflix Davao media launching

Lolo in the line up. I was the first nominated contestant–and the oldest in the group & apparently, in the room as well


The game was fun and exciting, quite what iflix was all about, which was what Jenell Antonio and Monika Cagalingan shared.

“We are committed to bringing the best in local, regional and international entertainment to as many devices and homes as possible. With an outstanding selection of first-ruin exclusives, award-winning titles and full-box sets of iconic series, iflix is radically changing the entertainment landscape.”


Parlor games at iflix Davao media launch

Tapped out. I cannot compete with the millenials so I asked for a sub


“The subscriber has access to iflix on up to five devices at once; download TV shows and movies on the devices and binge-watch offline, when not connected to the internet; and share the iflix subscription with family and friends and watch shows on two different devices at the same time,” said the ladies.


iflix team sharing good news in Davao media launching event

What’s good about iflix. Jenell San Anotnio & Monika Cagalingan of iflix sharing why iflix is the leader in the internet TV service.


On the iflix library are award-winning TV series like Mr. Robot , Fargo and favorites like Friends, Mad Men and even Fresh Prince of Bel Air (which Wacky Masbad was able to relate to when mentioned. The rest of the room didn’t get it. LOL); popular titles like The Magicinas and Hunters; Korean telenovelas like Boys Over Flowers; cult classics like Pulp Fiction, Chicago, Titanic and Avatar; and Anime like Voltes V, Daimos (which I can watch with kids).


iflix survival kit

What’s in the loot bag- movie house survival kit.


For those who are into TV dramas, rejoice! Iflix has partnered with the local TV giants so you can run through your favorite local telenovelas again—and again—whenever, wherever minus the ads.

Wherever is where iflix is not just wherever you are in the Philippines, but in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Brunei as well. And If you’re not in these areas but want to catch a flick, remember you can download from the library to your device and watch whenever you want. Consider it as part of your “baon” wherever you’re going.


iflix team in Davao launching

Fun evening with the iflix team Jenell San Antonio, Monika Cagalingan & Nikki Pring, with host Rovic Cuasito.


Here’s more good news. Iflix will continue to roll out its world-class service to key additional emerging markets in the coming months.

With the service is priced at only P129 a month in the Philippines for unlimited access, you’re a winner. Give it a try and avail of the 30-day trial. Just register at www.iflix.com.

Yup, the power to full access to iflix’s world-class service, features and content in on your fingertips.


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Also pulished in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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