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October 2016 musing: Wow, Davao!

It’s been an up and down ride for Davao and Mindanao Tourism but resiliency and hard work always placed the area above water, more often, soaring high. If you’re from Davao or Mindanao, especially if involved with the tourism, you will know how much hard that is.

Today, Davao is on the up. We have so many reasons to rejoice, and like they say, “smile and the world smiles with you.” Expect an exodus of visitors and tourist soon and major infrastructure developments in the coming years.

It manifests slowly and surely the few that happened this month were praiseworthy.

Earlier this month, DOT announced in a press gathering of the big plans happening in the immediate future—the Miss Earth swimsuit competition will happen in Davao while the Miss Universe organization is brewing something exciting in the city as well; and a first-class tour bus will make it very comfortable for everyone to reach Mindanao’s major attractions.


Mindanao tourism plans bared

Mindanao tourism team- MICE, two big peageants gracing the city & first-class tour buses around Mindanao


Angelia Ong in Davao to promote Miss Earth 2016

Miss Earth 2015 Angelia Ong


Days after eighty-two of the world’s gorgeous, environmental conscious women arrived in Davao. It was a busy time for the Miss Earth candidates touring the region campaigning for their cause, and having fun at the Pink Party at Waterfront Insular Hotel and at the Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Samal Island, where the swimsuit competition was held and Miss Ecuador taking home the sash.


Miss Earth 2016 tree planting at Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Miss Earth taking care of Mother Earth. Mangrove planting at the Pearl Farm Beach Resort, the venue for the Miss Earth swimsuit competition (photo-Arnold Alvarez)


Imagine the number of selfies flooding the social networks. If you’re a Smart subscriber then your posts must have loaded faster with the network improving its 4G/LTE and 3G services in Davao. Isn’t that sweet?


Smart improves 4G/LTE in Davao

Davao is experiencing big changes in connectivity by Smart


Smart communications manager announces improvements in Davao

“With the optimization of LTE-enabled cell sites, Davao City is now a Smarter City,” said Arnold Dellosa, regional development head of Smart (photo- Ace Perez)


Here’s sweeter news—Davao chocolates! Mindanao has been producing good quality cacao, which makes for better chocolates (like Malagos Chocolates constantly getting international accolades).


Sm City Davao presents the Davao Chocolate Festival 2016

Davao Chocolate Festival 2016 at Sm City Davao


With Davao's business writers, CIDAMI executive director Valente Turtur, San Miguel Purefoods' communications manager Randy Dominguez & Apple Legario of SM at the opening of the Chocolate Festival 2016 at SM City Davao

With Davao’s business writers, CIDAMI executive director Valente Turtur, San Miguel Purefoods’ communications manager Randy Dominguez & Apple Legario of SM at the opening of the Chocolate Festival 2016 at SM City Davao


The recent Davao Chocolate Festival 2016 in SM City Davao showcased the amazing products the local cacao can turn into. Let’s just say, the place was chocolate heaven.


Sikwate from Davao

Davao sikwate


If there’s someone who can make you feel you’re walking on fashion cloud 9 that will be Edgar Buyan. He showcased few of his fabulous evening pieces at the posh 25th anniversary event of Emilia Sitjar Jewellery dressing up Davao personalities and professional models. This designer should have a gala soon.


Edgar Buyan designes for Emilia Sitjar Jewellery's 25th anniversary

Two-in-one figures in fashion. Two of my favorite local perosnalities Bing Taojo wearing Edgar Buyan at the 25th anniversary gathering of Emilia Sitjar Jewellery (photo- Ingrid Taojo)


Well, I had a heavenly experience working with one of Davao’s most respected and idolized personalities as well. I’m honored that Pat Montemayor said yes to an interview and fashion shoot.


Davao personality Pat Montemayor for Marks & Spencer

It was an honor working with Pat Montemayor for an interview and Marks & Spencer fashion shoot


The project was a breeze, so to speak, because she believes in the Marks & Spencer brand (“She’s quite picky with the clothes she wears,” according to granddaughter Marga Nograles), make-up artist and stylist Otoy Mercado did a great job on the set (as usual), and finally, I got to work with photographer Mima Tan, who captured the subject’s moods beautifully with her shots.

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Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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