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Mid-Autumn feasts in Davao

Moon cakes, anyone? How about wine to go with it? More wine?

I haven’t burned enough calories yet (or will never will) from last month’s hearty Kadayawan blowout and the full moon of eighth month of the lunar calendar came shining to signal the Mid-Autumn festivities. It’s another reason to gather around the table for a Chinese feast with the moon cake as its highlight.


Mooncake from Marco Polo Davao

Marco Polo’s mooncake is heavenly


And of course, summoning was Lotus Court, where Cantonese cuisine spells b-u-c-h-i or chintoy in Mandarin (easy to remember because it rhymes with my name). Needless to say, I eagerly went to my happy place without hesitation (don’t I always?).


buchi at Lotus Court Marco Polo Davao

In my happy place, buchi paradise aka Lotus Court of Marco Polo


Entering, I was handed a stylish custom-crafted gift box that contained a couple of mooncakes in Low-sugar Lotus Seed and Red bean paste in mini boxes with disposable cutleries. It was a gift to demonstrate goodwill and prosperity from the hotel GM, Dottie Wurgler-Cronin. (It was very delicious!)


Marco Polo mooncakes for Mid-Autumn festival 2016

Chic packaging for this year’s Marco Polo mooncakes


As a Lotus Court practice, I started my feast with the buchi. I had four in the original mongo flavor. There were the chocolate, durian and lienyung (lotus bean paste) varieties on the spread as well.


Buchi in 4 flavors at Lotus Court, Marco Polo Davao

Great balls of love. This year, there were four buchi variants on the spread


The Cantonese restaurant signature dishes followed—the Peking duck wrap, salted egg squid, house made tofu with mushrooms, and I nibbled on a couple of crab claws.


Peking Duck at Lotus COurt, Marco Polo Davao

Chef Albert & the Peking duck at Lotus Court’s Mid-Autumn Festival fest


There were other courses (that I abstain from eating)—the lechon, patatim and specialty dimsum. All these were enjoyed by the diners while watching the cultural performances of the students from Colegio de San Ignacio.


Chinese traditional dance at Lotus Court, Marco Polo Davao's Mid-Autumn Fest 2016

Dance of the lanterns. Students from Colegio de San Ignacio provided the entertainment at the Lotus Court


To end the feast, I had a couple more of the round treasures because just like the mooncake, I consider it as a symbol of peace and prosperity.


Davoa media & bloggers at Lotus Court, Marco Polo Davao

Mid-Autumn feasting with this bunch at Lotus Court


The next day’s feast was at Misto at Seda. It was the kick off celebration to the “-Ber” season.

September highlights Chef Bang Flores’ classic Baby Back Ribs served ala carte set menu either in full-slab (Php 1180 net) or in half slab (Php 680 net). The dish comes with onion rings, corncob, and mixed vegetables on the side and served with chilled juice, and will be available until November. Have it and you get P200 off your tab when you hit the buffet on a Friday.


Baby back ribs of Chef Bang Flores, Seda Misto's September 2016 special

Chef Bang & the Baby Back Ribs. Misto’s food promotion until November


Since I cannot eat the chef’s specialty ribs (which I know is very tender and tasty), she volunteered to prepare herself a requested very garlic-y aglio olio at the pasta station. It was topped with a generous serving of Aligi Glazed Calamari.


Chef Bang cooks Aglio Olio at the pasta station of Misto, Seda Abreeza

When you can’t feast on the special & the chef whips ups something you can enjoy


Aglio Olio topped with Aligi Glazed Calamari from Misto, Seda Abreeza Davao

A dish like this–created with the components from the pasta station & buffet spread- Aglio Olio topped with Aligi Glazed Calamari


For a month, Seda is having a bacchanalian feast with Misto Bar’s Wine Marathon. For two hours, wine lovers can revel in the bar’s offering of twenty wine varieties consisting of 12 reds, six whites & two sparkling wines (Php 1080 net).


Wine Marathon at Misto, Seda Abreeza, Davao

Bacchanalian feast at Misto’s wine marathon until October



Davao media & bloggers at Misto, Seda Abreeza

Kicking of the Ber season at Misto with this group


The food fight is far from over with the merry months upon us. How not to gain weight….

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Also published in SunStar Davao newspaper.

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