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Kadayawan + Smart

“The contributed efforts of the private sector are really indications of an engaged society. The returns of the investment that they put in can’t be measured against the wonderful outcome and the results of people coming together as one,” said Art Boncato, co-chair of the executive committee of this year’s celebrations, at the opening ceremonies of Kadayawan as he lauded the support of the private sector.

“The unity among different industries shows that there is “love” to make the places where they operate a valuable tourism destination.”


Art Boncato at the opening of the 31st Kadayawan sa Davao

Art Boncato, co-chair of the executive committee of the 31st Kadayawan, lauds the support of the private sector, Smart included


One of the festival’s partners was Smart, and with the recent announcement of PLDT wireless unit’s plans to accelerate its LTE deployment and other network improvement initiatives in Davao City, the opportunity to showcase the telco’s service was timely.

With the city expecting higher tourist arrivals, Smart ensured its mobile data network was fortified and its data packaged affordably for the subscribers.

Trailblazing was the GigaSurf50, a 1GB data offer at P50. It gave the tourists access to high speed mobile internet for three days, allowing them to share their Kadayawan experiences online via their smartphones.

“Connectivity is crucial to the pursuit of success,” said Boncato. “People coming together in events like Kadayawan is always a moment worthy of capturing and sharing. This showcase of Davao to the world makes the destination even more attractive to travellers.”

At the entry point, the Davao airport, Smart already engaged the festival visitors. The iconic Philippine eagle plush toys and Kadayawan map-postcards were given to tourists with their purchase of Smart pocket wifi devices and prepaid credit packages.


Philippine Eagle toys given away Smart at the airport during the 31st Kadayawan sa Davao

Welcome to Davao, welcome to Kdayawan.THe iconic Philippine Eagle plush toy is given to guests with their purchace of Smart wi-fi devices


In the city, Smart supported and mounted a Smart Zone at the Great Kadayawan Trade Fair and Bazaar, its biggest by far with over 200 booths, at the Davao Convention and Trade Center.


The Smart Zone at the Kadayawana sa Davao Bazaar

Play, interact, sing & create at the Smart Zone


The zone offered the subscribers with free charging in stations, games, interactive booths, like the karaoke challenges by Smart Music Live, and with the Smart’s Own It Launchpad, subscribers were able to record and upload for chances to collaborate with international YouTube starts and Samsung gadgets.


Kadayawan Invasion is one of the biggest parties during the Kadayawan sa Davao

Kadayawan Invasion lights up Crocodile Park


When the Crocodile Park came alive with the Kadayawan Invasion concert at sunset, so did the Smart Dome.

The Smart Dome upped the fun with face painting, do-it-yourself bracelet activities, virtual reality booths, and a DJ booth where the revelers did their own live spinning gigs.


A DJs booth for subscribers at the Smart Dome during the Kadayawan sa Davao

Be a spinmeister, be a star! At the Smart Dome during the Kadayawan Invasion


What a weekend! The Kadayawan, with Smart as a partner, was indeed memorable—and well connected with the world.

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