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Kadayawan and Moda Mindanao

SM Lanang Premier's SOuth x Mouth presents Davao Gourmet Collective food

South x Mouth presents the 4th edition of Davao Gourmet Collective at the SM Lanang Premier


Ding-dong. “Food delivery!”

If there’s something that can put a smile on anyone’s face, it’s food delivery—gourmet food at that— delivered at your doorstep even if you didn’t order any.The food basket was filled with food samples of what the coming Davao Gourmet Collective (DGC) will be serving at the SM Lanang Premier on the Kadayawan weekend, August 19th to the 21st, 4-10pm.


Mornings are best when you receive deliveries you didn’t order


Catchy title,“South by Mouth,” and named so as will be a gathering of culinary artists at the SM Malls across Mindanao-Davao, Cagayan de Oro, and General Santos.


South by mouth food basket

I agree


In the city, last weekend’s “Grillfest” ended sating the hunger of the Southerners.


It’s all about grilled food at the recent SM City food fest. (photo by Ian Garcia)


It’s the Northerner’s turn next with South x Mouth moving towards their direction and will present another edition of Davao Gourmet Collective, it’s fourth year as the SM lanang Premier.  It will be on the same location as the Kadayawan 2015 edition, the Fountain Court of the SM Lanang Premier.


DGC 2015 Kadayawan edition at the Fountain Court, SM Lanang Premier.


So, if you’re craving for another round of your favorite DGC gourmet food, or try the ones you haven’t, you’ll get another shot this weekend with your favorite purveyors back in the tent: Backyard Burgers, B. Wings, Café El Gato, Jam Foods & Co., Cucina Ilocana, Alibaba Shawarma, Kakimkris Lechon, Stellina’s Lemonade, Kai Artisan Chocolates, Sugarcane Bar, Crocodile Ice Cream, Mamboss Café, JR Pastry, The Griddle Burgers & Sandwiches, Bangkok Wok, Sea Green Café and Lifestyle Shop, Soul Kitchen, and The Fatboy’s Kitchen.Here’s a peek of what’s going to be served.


Tried & tested. Sarap.


All beefy goodness. The “fat boy” will be serving empanadas in different varieties


You won;t be missing the first meal of the day with this Jam Food Beef Tapa (photo by Jam Foods)
Everybody loves chorizos. 


I’m expecting more chocolate surprises from this artisan this weekend.


These kind of kisses I want to wake up everyday– JR Pasty’s Merengue Kisses.


Of course we need “pantulak”, this is a refreshing one & best enjoyed chilled & iced



South by Mouth’s next stop is SM City Cagayan de Oro with the “Uptown Eats CDO” and concludes at SM City General Santos with the “Tuna Festival Grillfest” on September 2 to 4.

For queries and event updates, visit SM Lanang Premier’s official account on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or search for #SxMFoodFestival.


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