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Paul & Pauline’s wedding

Pauline weds Paul in Davao

The newlywed. Paul & Pauline


I CAN’T do wedding stories, or will not. I promised myself I won’t because it will always be the same lines – the bride looked radiant, the groom was dashing and the room went teary-eyed as the couple exchanged their vows. Of course, it will have its “who are you wearing” section as well.But I can do the party, which I also refuse to refer to as the wedding reception. This is where I can relate to more and the reason why I shy away from the church ceremony and head straight to the drinking venue.


St. Francis Church in Davao

No escaping this time LOL. So I need to go to church & dress up…


This way, I won’t have to stress myself prepping for a formal event and don the Barong Tagalog, I can appear a little under-dressed for the occasion, and take a single taxi ride to the venue.


The signature formal look of Jinggoy Slavador comes with a Mihara Yasuhiro sneakers]

…but still wore this pair with the coat & tie. WIll make this my signature look


However, I promised my dear friend Pauline (yes, Lena, this time Pauline is my good friend and not you and the rest of the mothers and ninangs so as not to divulge my real age. But I just did) that I will go to her special day, the day she becomes Mrs. Malilin.


Mr. & Mrs. Paul Malilin give their wedding speeches

So much love….


So I dutifully put on a coat and tie and took the pre-requested ride on a friend’s chauffeured auto.

Prior to the big day, I learned that many of the guests are people I know, so that gave me a reason to go. It will be easy to join anyone’s table and be relaxed.


Wedding guests of Paul & Pauline Malilin

Friends & table mates, at the garden & in the ballroom.


I also heard snippets of the preparation for the party—Jamon Serrano, cheeses and lots of red wine. That’s three more reasons why I should go.

Ok, don’t get me wrong. I am very happy for the couple especially for Pauline. I wanted to see how the little girl who used to run across the hall of her mom’s ballroom dancing club in her tomboyish garb, the girl who grew up to be the beautiful young woman walking down the aisle wearing a well-fitted wedding gown accessorized by a smile beaming brighter than all the jewels in the room combined.


Pauline Benedicto became Mrs. Paul Malilin

Little girl no more


Paul Malilin gets married

Like a rockstar. Pauline’s handsome husband


I wanted to see how proud and happy Lena and Rommel would be when they give their daughter’s hand in marriage. I wanted to be part of the party celebrating this moment with the family I got close to through the years.


Words from the wise for the newlyweds Paul & Pauline

Rommel & Lena delivering their message to the new couple. The groom’s parents shared their messages as well


The couple danced with their parents at their Davao wedding

Dance with my father moment for Pauline & dance with my mother for Paul


I wanted to see how the mother’s excitement about the whole preparation and set-up translate to its tangible state. I didn’t want to miss the good company of friends. I didn’t want to miss the fun.


Wedding reception's presidential table in Davao wedding

Elegant set-up mom, Lena, was excited about…


Presidential table sat Paul & Pauline's principal sponsors

…where the ninongs & ninangs sat


Davao wedding guests

That’s my classmate (right) & his wife was a ninang.That gives you an idea how old I am


I wouldn’t want to miss a selfie with the bride, the mother of the bride and good friends.


Selfie with Pauline & Lena Benedicto

I wouldn’t dare miss a selfie with these two- the mother of the bride & the bride


Yes, I wouldn’t miss those for the world and the jamon, the cheeses and the red wine.

I’m glad I went. It was a very, very fun gathering.


The groomsmen roasting the groom at his wedding reception

Hands down the best part of the party, he best men roasting the groom


Free-flowing wine at Paul & Pauline's wedding in Davao

Oh yes, wine was pouring to no end


Pauline's bridesmaids & their friends

Too much fun, too much movement. Pauline’s bridesmaids & friends.


Dancers on the floor at Paul & Pauline's wedding

Dance floor denizens


Thank you for inviting me Pauline. Best wishes and congratulations to you and Paul. You guys really know how to party. On that part I can certainly relate to.


Marga Nograles & Baby Montemayor

Mother & daughter Montemayor


Friends of Paul & Pauline at their wedding

Friends at the wedding


Pauline's wedding guests

Family & friends of Pauline


Family & friends of the bride's mother

Lena’s, the mother of bride, clique


Jingooy's selfie with Joji Ilagan Bian

And another selfie. With my favorite girl this time



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