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Badu: Beyond the glitz, glitter & glamour

When Alfonso Guino-o bangs his gong, the Dabawenyos take
heed and come, from several generations no less. This has what this fashion
designer has achieved growing up with the city, working hard, honing his talent
and keeping his cordial demeanor—the loyalty of a slew of patrons who have become
more friends than clients, the love and respect of his peers, and the honorific
of Davao’s Fashion Czar having exercised his fashion expertise from the day he
opened his atelier in the 1950’s. He is, perhaps, the only designer who has
achieved career longevity successfully in the local fashion arena.

Davao’s Fashion Czar, Alfonso Boy” Guinoo”, backstage at the Badu Fashion Show

And another signal was sent…
With collaborative efforts of his dearest friends, Joji
Ilagan-Bian and homegrown jeweler, Emilia Sitjar, the Datu Bago awardee (a
distinction he received for championing the indigenous craftsmanship of the
lumads in Mindanao and incorporating the hand woven fabrics in his designs, to
which he achieved his signature look) once more took his creations to the
runway— a restaging of his New York show that showcased his signature modern
ethnic ensembles plus a collection of contemporary evening gowns complemented
with Emilia Sitjar Jewellery’s classic and whimsical bijouxs. “This might be my
last show,” said the designer at the pre-show brainstorming session.

Guinoo is a champion of the tribal craftsmanship of the Lumads.

And Davao’s prominent set showed up to support their beloved
friend and designer…
But beyond the Badu’s glitz, glitter & glamour was a greater and admirable cause—to help cancer-stricken children from
the Kids of Hope. “Tito Boy,” as he is fondly referred to, had his share of
accolades throughout his illustrious career, and the Alfonso Guinoo Badu fashion
show he dedicated to the children who needs care, love and attention. The Badu
Davao show was mounted as a tribute to the kids more than for the designer

The Badu Fashion Show was a re-staging of the New York show that showcased the designer’s signature look.
The Badu Davao presentation was incorporated with the designer’s contemporary pieces.

And the designer shared the stage with the guests of honor…
 It was the most
touching moment, the moment Boy Guinoo called the children to the center stage
to share the applause from the crowd and the blessings of the afternoon affair,
and like an affectionate father, he showered the children with a hugs and

Curtain call: the designer, Alfonso “Tito Boy” Guinoo shares the applause & blessings with the cancer-stricken children from the Kids of Hope.
Indeed there is always hope when people like Alfonso Guinoo,
along with his friends who are also supporters of the local fashion industry,
are there to uplift the lives of the people who need it most.
Congratulations and thank you, Tito Boy! Kudos to Joji
Ilagan Bian and Emilia Sitjar Jewellery.

Joji Ilagan-Bian, an avid supporter of her Tito Boy
The Sitjars, Eileen, Emilia & Emil of Emilia Sitjar Jewellery complemented the designer’s contemporary pieces with their jewelry collection.
Photo credits: Kenneth Hao.
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Published in SunStar Davao newspaper on May 25, 2014.

Seen at the Badu fashion show.

The designer with Inday del Rosario, Baby Montemayor & Pat Montemayor
Erlinda Basa, Eetang Ang, Bebet Nograles.
Mila Jocson, Nenita Azarcon & Daisy Estioko

Marie Tionko & Tina Tionko

Janet Hao & Marissa Tionko
Mylene Ferrazini, Carine Bacani, Ana Marie Garcia & Leah Imperial

Mr. & Mrs. Barnett
Andy Hipolito, Jeffrey Enriquez, Sonia Alfafara, Zenaida Bartazan, Joji Ilagan Bian & Myrna Lim

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