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Portrait of an artist: BETSY WESTENDORP

The first time I met this gracious artist was when she had her first solo show in Davao City arranged by her nephew and a friend, Tony Brias. The proceeds of which went to a good cause.

Being a fan of her works (the Poppy Flowers collection most especially) and extending my share of help for the show’s cause, I had a couple of wonderful surprises that came my way at the end of the exhibition– the artist gifted me with two of her works. 

Bestsy Westendorp is having another art exhibition at the White Space Gallery of the Manila Contemporary in Makati. 
I know I won’t be able to make it on the opening day but I am crossing my fingers I can drop by the gallery and view her works anytime between January 16 and February 10.

If you’re in Manila around these dates, why not check it out.

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