where good deeds are rewarded with apples & the bad with lemons

{ jeepneyjinggoy stop } Before Mikimoto there was this…..

Phnom Penh is hot, literally, but a nice place to visit. This French-built city wouldn’t be called the Pearl of Asia for nothing. 
This capital city is where the king’s throne is….
where the monks don’t mind walking on the hot, scorching pavement barefoot….with an umbrella.
where the temple the city is named after glisten with technicolor at night.

where I got the vibe of Vietnam where bicycles and motorbikes came by the hundreds…

..and Bangkok where tuktuks are the taxis….

where you can exercise for free along the famed bay walk with a view of the Mekong River.

where along the grand boulevard you’ll find all types of watering holes, restaurants, quaint hotels co-existing with music stores and after-life accessory shop.

It’s a nice place to visit.

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