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Art made in heaven

It’s an art exhibition inspired by beauty, happiness, bliss and everything made in heaven. It’s man’s artistic expression centering on God and everything He has created and gifted man with. The canvases speak of nature and everything good and positive.

Heaven Scent is an on-going art exhibition at the new annex of SM Mall in Matina. It presents the inspiring works of five of Davao’s artists. Here are two my favorite local artists and what they say of their art.

Josie Tionko: Painting is the language I use to express my experience in nature. My paintings arealways peaceful and tranquil, it invites you to silence and solitude.

Josie Tionko’s “Living flame of love”

Josie Tionko’s “Meditating her mystery”

Arnel Villegas: To echo the intricacies of the gift of nature that transcend color. To bestow a vision of serenity. A communion of the soul with nature being at peace….a fulfillment. 

Arnel Villegas’ “Image No. 119”
“Image No. 119” up close
Arnel Villegas’s RETROSPECTIVE #4

Heaven Scent exhibition will run until July 8, 2012.

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