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A short story by a long-leggedness

Rare moments like these are to be cherished.
In one of my trips aboard PAL’s 747 aircraft, I got upgraded to Business Class. No, not because I have a racist for a seat mate in coach.
Shucks, how I wish it was on a long-haul flight to some exotic and/or cosmopolitan destination. Just as well, it’ll make a comfy one and a half hour domestic trip to Manila.  Beggars can’t be choosers. 🙂
Loving the leg room for this “long-leggedness”. 
Seats that can recline more than 15 degrees. Imagine my six-foot frame sleeping soundly, horizontally, for hours, and arrive looking fresh at my destination.
Snap, snap! “Honey, you’re on a domestic flight. OA ka naman if you recline your seat to the max,” said Konsyensya.
Angels up above- Anne Faustino & Dabawenya Trina Zafra (Bong Zafra & Rosie Iñigo’s charming girl).
While I get usually served the biscuits and coffee  in a styro cup, the ones in front get to enjoy these…..
Thank you friend for another experience in this part of the plane!
Wishful thinking, positive thing, shout out: I pray I get the up-grades when flying international. (Oh, Universe grant me this….)

….. it’s still a matter of choice. Fly this way to one destination or go coach to two different destinations…. I still have a bucketful of places I want to see in this globe…. But anything can happen… 

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