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One Thursday in macaron wonderland….

I saw these macarons at the lobby of Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok, and I requested Davao’s pastry goddess Booboo Maramba if she can recreate and turn this wonderland goody into reality. I only want one order, exactly like the yellow one.

Jinggoy in macaron wonderland!

So one Thursday, she welcomed my distraction (the chika was a nice added ingredient to the gum paste kneading) as she created a number of her divine confections ordered for several celebrations happening in a single day. The macarons was one of them.

Of course, she always makes extra which I feasted on. This shot I posted on Facebook to let all those who didn’t make it to her place know what they were missing. Pang inggit lang.

I was the “molar support” according to Booboo. The role was perfectly suited for me.
The big yellow macaron may not have materialized but I gobbled on these lovely pieces adding up to one giant macaron. 
Thank you Booboo! 

2 Responses to “One Thursday in macaron wonderland….”

  1. czarina says:

    hi, does she has like a shop where we can inquire for the macarons? how much are those as well? thank you very much

  2. bitch says:

    Hi Czarina. Will introduce you to Booboo. She accepts special orders , time permitting.

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