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Can Samal adopt this law?

While property owners can can have a Fore Shore Lease, nobody can really own the shoreline.

Read this in Mabuhay Magazine’s April 2012 issue.

If Samal is really keen to be as popular as Boracay, it would be fantastic to be able to walk along the coastline and view, admire, and avail of the services of the different resorts without the hassle of “crossing the property of another resort” and paying entrance fees.

Just saying.

2 Responses to “Can Samal adopt this law?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Correct, Jing. I would love to roamm around without thinking if i will be charged entrance just because.

  2. bitch says:

    me, too. would be great to walk along a longer shoreline and admire the beachfront resorts, patronize them as well.

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