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Summer FUN in Davao

If you haven’t decided where to spend the rest of summer yet, it’s never too late to choose from any of these wonderful destinations in the Davao Region from this video.
All of them are reachable by car or bus or tricycle or habal-habal, whatever your preferred road transportation may be. For some destinations, you need to take the banca.
If you love to spend time in the beaches as much as I do, just across us is a paradise we all know as the Samal Island. You can never go wrong with this ile de paradis as your destination of choice. It’s one of the most convenient summer go-to for the Dabawenyos (and everyone else). More importantly, you can opt to stay in the island for a night or two, or head back home at the end of the day.
Spend time in these gorgeous beaches….
Canibad Beach


Isla Buenavista

Isla Malipano

Leticia by the Sea

Pacific Little Secret

Bali-Bali Beach Resort

Paradise Island Beach Resort

These are just a few of the several beautiful shoreline surrounding the Island Garden City of Samal. (All images from the net).
However, should you wish to go island or resort hopping around Samal, try these chic lounge-like bancas that’ll let you cruise the Davao Gulf like martini-glass-toting señoritos y señoritas. You can even party on board. A crew comes with the rental to transport you safely. To serve you, bring your own yaya.
Explore Davao
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The Islands Banca Cruise Davao

Call: 0932-129-9009, 0906-375-7933 or Landline 082 284-2066
Or visit: Islands Banca Cruises Davao in Facebook

Summer will only be happy if you want it to be.  With coolers like these just a short banca ride away, SUMMER is definitely FUN in DAVAO!

It’s more fun in the Philippines! And make it Davao for summer!

3 Responses to “Summer FUN in Davao”

  1. Art Boncato, Jr. says:

    thank you very much, jinggoy for being part of the team 🙂 cheers and blessings!

  2. bitch says:

    Hi Art! you have been very busy promoting Davao long before you became DOT XI RD. Just doing my share, little it may be, in promoting our region…No place like home and I love it. Best to share what we have.

  3. Babyruth says:

    Davao is very close to my heart and I'm elated to see it being heavily promoted to present it's many beautiful & adventurous possibilities to local and foreign tourists. Hats off, folks! 🙂

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