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No blood to suck? Try my lemons.

Well what do you know…. our very own high-end mall (and its affiliates) gets a nationwide buzz via the Fashion PULIS. Here’s the repost……

Assuming Too Much

Last month, the news that Hollywood celebrities will be appearing at this mall and its branches generated much excitement among netizens and fans of one of the actors. Blog sites, especially of those residing in the southern part of the country, anticipated and expressed their excitement over the appearance of the actor who plays a vampire. A full-page article regarding the mall’s achievements was published in a broadsheet and the article mentioned the appearances in the series of the mall’s events.

However, an FB site of the mall where the alleged appearance should take place already issued a clarification regarding the said actor’s appearance. The message cited changes in the schedule of the Philippine tour of the cast.

A reliable source confirmed that the stars were not contracted to make any appearance. According to the source, the US agents even sent a memo to the mall to pull out all banners promoting the arrival of the stars. To allay the fear of negative publicity that can damage the reputation of the mall, the management adhered to the demands of the US agents. 

Which chain of malls made the mistake of announcing the arrival and appearance of the Hollywood celebrities without even finalizing the deal? In the first place, did the cast of the said series really have a schedule in the country? The preemptive failed announcement is so unlike the classy and professional image the malls project.


 Maybe the chain doesn’t have enough blood offering for their special guests.

Wanna suck on my lemons?

3 Responses to “No blood to suck? Try my lemons.”

  1. jepoi says:




    datu complex?

  2. bitch says:

    Baka Davao Lila?

    O di kaya… Happy Emporium?

    O di kaya Mantex?

  3. Anonymous says:

    this mall has super poor pr, parang laging nakikipagaway pagmay event ako dyan. Has Foot and mouth patalaga after telling everybody about that vampire diary mania, I got a lot of texts messages regarding this Hollywood actor coming over to Davao, kahiya. lol

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