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Guess what I’m having for breakfast?

Here we go again.
For breakfast on the first day of February this 2012, I am eating my words again.
Didn’t I say I don’t need another pair of shoes?
Didn’t I say I have enough?
What I didn’t mention was that I have been longing for a pair of mustard-colored shoes.
My wish was granted.
Now, I am on my second cup of coffee to ease the words I’m chewing down my throat.
I don’t mind the bland taste.
PS. I just love this color!

6 Responses to “Guess what I’m having for breakfast?”

  1. jepoi says:

    it's so yellow im blind now

  2. bitch says:

    wear your shades dearie. …it's the color of lemon, one i awarded myself with for not following instructions. PAK!

  3. I die for that color.. But bodega is a plus factor.. You nailed it da!

  4. jepoi says:

    and your feet!!!

  5. bitch says:

    haha thanks sash. well, another wish granted.

  6. bitch says:

    @jepoi , it's the lighting love. No jaundice or hepa. haha

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