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AirPhil Express & the making of a Lemon Forest. Day 2

I love cheap fares. It allows me travel to so many places. That is, if everything turns out well.

In fairness to Cebu Pacific, the same thing happened but they took care of everything. They offered a change on the dates I want to fly including the connecting flight I had to take. No questions asked. They asked when I wanted to fly and they booked it. No hassle.

AirPhil Express could just do the same but they refuse to see the logic behind the connecting flights, and the domino effect one cancelled flight can cause. They cancelled my AM flight, moved it to late PM, ergo I miss my noontime flight. They will rebook my Davao Manila flight at no cost but won’t rebook my Manila Caticlan flight. No offer of hotel accommodation, etc. It’s a take it or leave it offer, it seems.

As my friend suggested, I write on the 24/7 Facebook Service Page of this airline. And I did. Once yesterday. No reply.

Again today:

So, I did.

The reply seemed heading towards something positive. Hmmmmm… Of course, we know, the Facebook page is run by a call center agent and not from the airline office.

The messaging came out this way.

Okay pa rin…

Not until I got this message…. (drumroll please…)

They will rebook the Davao-Manila flight but not the connecting Manila-Caticlan flight. 
Meaning I have to stay overnight in Manila.
No transportation, hotel accommodation and meals offered.
Meaning I have to fend for myself.
Meaning this trip is getting more expensive than planned

Written and read, it sounded diplomatic.
Believe me, I am fuming, irate and want to scream at someone.

I meant it when I said I am only entertaining a call from someone from Air Philippines.

Guess what? He replied with this….


Lemon tree…very pretty…..you are multiplying very quick…

2 Responses to “AirPhil Express & the making of a Lemon Forest. Day 2”

  1. Izzy says:

    Wow! this is the same scenario that I am in right now. I have a bigger problem though because I have booked international and domestic flights and hotels, transfers, which are all affected by the cancellation. By moving our flight a day earlier, we are losing so much on the arrangements that we made for this trip.

    Same as you, they offered us a refund! I could not believe it! Our flight is days earlier and since I could just not make it on the flight that they insist we take, they are offering me a refund!

    May I know how this was resolved? Did you end up paying for more because of their lapses?

  2. bitch says:

    Hi Izzy!

    The banging and clanging I made reached the local AirPhil officials and they made arrangements for a seat on their sister airline.

    This is the problem when dealing with third party service providers, in this case the call center agents, who only do what they are told. THey are given "template responses" to situations and don't really care if you scream yourself to muteness.

    These are times you eished you booked with a travel agent and not on-line since the agents can fic everything for you.

    I am just lucky I know someone on the inside who referred my concerns to the airline officials.

    From then on, I book my connecting flights with a 24-hour gap for safety measures or book it with 1 locator number. THat will be considered as one route.

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