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Christmas 2011. Party #3

I got invited to Marco Polo’s Denimite, the hotel’s “house party”.  Seeing almost everyone in the hotel in one ballroom, I wasn’t sure what my role really was until I was asked to be one of the judges for the evening’s “best in denim attire” and moments after, a judge to the group presentations after coming up one judge short :-).  I didn’t mind holding the score cards while all eyes were on you judging the way you judge. haha.
Here are my fellow “judgmental” peers in the industry.
Their party was hosted by these talented bunch who represented their departments. They did a good job hosting the event like a noontime variety show or an evening talent show like Talentadong Pinoy. The nice thing about it is they didn’t have to ask the judges’ opinions about the performances. Whew!

The contestants were asked to present in the theme of Hollywood movies.
Contestant #1 and their tribute to “Grease”.
Contestant #2 and their “Nine” routine.
Contestant #3 doing “Hairspray”
And bagging the grand prize is group #4 in their “Burlesque” routine.

Amazing performance from everyone. Including this from the department heads.
Since it was the compulsory duty of everyone under the roof of the hotel to perform, even the General Manager was not excused. Here is Bruno Simeoni in his monologue on the “Death of common sense”. I hope he got the message through to everyone under his management.
The “loyalists” were given the recognition for their 5 years in service,
and 10 years in service.
And now for the good news, Carlos Dominguez and his “bonus” news, among others.

Former MArco Polo Hotel’s Director of Sales & Marketing, now Regional Director for Tourism, Art Boncato graced the event.

 And smiles from the property owners.

Guess who?
Name all these Marco Polo personalities in the pictures & win a Marco Polo gift certificate (pending proposal and approval…hahaha)
Knock, knock Meg Sta. Ines. Congratulations on your promotion as the new PR Manager of Marco Polo!

Great party guys!
Thank you for sharing the good vibe. 
Merry, merry Christmas!

9 Responses to “Christmas 2011. Party #3”

  1. Love it!!! 🙂 I esp enjoy the Burlesque group photo, galing!

  2. bitch says:

    Thanks Nik. I had so much fun on this night.

    You should have seen them in action. It was serious business! Like they were vying for a million peso grand prize!

  3. Babyruth says:

    Looks like everyone had fun!
    "Bonus" for the hard-working associates is good news!
    Thanks for posting this, Jinggoy…

    Was our friend, Arvin, wearing a "sando"?

  4. bitch says:

    babayruth!!! yes thats him. hhaha
    it was a magnificent evening.
    effort lahat. it's serious business for these bunch. 🙂

  5. Babyruth says:

    True; they've been practicing very hard during their break-time!
    (that's the official statement!)

  6. ChrisB says:

    Is that chef ed wearing a green dress!?! haha

  7. bitch says:

    babayruth…agawan ng function room and sealed during rehearsals para walang leakage.

  8. bitch says:

    Chef Chris! hahahaaha nalata pa rin ba?
    he was complaining about the shoes he was wearing wishing his part to be over.

  9. bitch says:

    BTW Chef Chris…I love your blog site. THe food shots are amazing. WIll follow it even if i'm on a diet.

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