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Tightropes & Safety nets

The circus is in town….The Leather & Lace Halloween Ball 2011 characters.

Even if the menace is staring right at us, it’s quite surprising how many people would still choose to traipse on the tightrope, fearless of the impending consequences. I fail to see the excitement in shunning off the use of the safety net and flirt with danger and an imminent death.

When does excitement stop and fear start?

Getting a message across the deaf ear is impossible. Maybe is delivered by some other means people can relate to, a small window of opportunity opened is good enough. This was what this group of young minds did to spread HIV awareness in the city- do it the fun way via a party, a Halloween Party.

They started last year when Davao City landed second on the list of the highest incidence of HIV+ in the country. They took it upon themselves to help heighten the awareness of the locals towards this dreaded disease spreading in the city.

This year, they hosted another Halloween party at the same venue, Paseo de Legaspi, with the circus as the theme. Fun, games, prizes and free condoms were in order. The proceeds of their event will go to the City Health Office’s HIV/AIDS awareness campaign.

Congratulations and keep up the good work!

I hope everyone will realize that life can indeed be a three-ring circus but the safety nets are there to save lives, all the time

Life savers. Everyone’s safety net.

Published in Sun.Star Davao newspaper in November 6, 2011.

They made it to the circus….

Your fairy tale princess.
Chuckie’s better side
Drag Queens in action
Hell girl embelished her crowning glory
And Hellboy was in the house…
Little Bopeep finally showed off her legs.
Madame Bola puffed on your future
Princess Nuala was pretty in pink
Racy gears
Scariest costume of the night- the patent white pumps!
The party hopper
The Powerpuff Girls bare their muscles.
Will karate save the day?

Kalalapag lang po natin sa pandaigdigang paliparan ng…

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  1. jpboi says:

    Love the post, Jing! 🙂

  2. bitch says:

    thanks JP! you guys looked great!

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