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⎨Bitch Scenes⎬ J’aime Tokio

⎨Bitch Scenes⎬ Seen there, shared here.

I ♥ Japan.

In Europe, it would be Paris, in Asia, it would be Japan.
I would never have thought I would relive my Parisian escapades from miles away.
I did just that when I visited the Tokyo Tower.
This Tokyo landmark is tres Eiffel Tower!

J’aime Paris! Ai shi teru Tokyo!

The Eiffel Tower in Paris……………………………………….The Tokyo Tower in Japan.

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One Response to “⎨Bitch Scenes⎬ J’aime Tokio”

  1. bitch says:

    Thank you Dada Lozano, thank you Paz Julier for bringing this to my attention…I learn something everyday!

    "hi jinggoy, i am forwarding this message from a friend of mine, paz jullier"

    "muzta my fren ….da, i always read sunstar dvo everyday & i happen 2 read the article of jinggoy salvador, kud u tell him that there was a typograhical error of d tiltle of his article dated 2nd Nov , it shld be
    ( J'aime Tokio ) he he he pls convey my grtgs 2 him i luv reading his articles "

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