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October 19, 2011.

“I think I have turned into one bag addict. It used to be shoes but seeing how they disintegrate one pair at a time due to the humidity of the tropics, I have to hold off on hoarding more pairs than I can wear…….. ” I am number 673.

October 26, 2011.
Came home late at night and found this on top of the table….

The story is I had my sister order this from Barneys online.  This was on sale.
I wasn’t in a rush so I told her to send it whenever possible. 
I totally forgot about it. 
Then I blogged about no more shoes for me. 
I spoke too soon.
I am eating my words now,
for breakfast,
with coffee. 
The bitch will wear Prada.
asus! gihilasan ko!

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