where good deeds are rewarded with apples & the bad with lemons

You know it’s September if….

you receive delicious moon cakes!
from Chef Joie Candelaria Executive Chinese Sous Chef of Mabuhay Palace of Manila Hotel….

and, Arvin Dizon, Restaurant Manager of Lotus Court (home to my favorite buchi) of Marco Polo Hotel…

Xie xie ! Doh je! Chef Joie & Arvin!
you hear Christmas carols & receive an early Christmas gift!
and of course Bong A. comes knocking at my door bringing good tidings and a chic pair of shoes in grey all the way from Norway. (As is Des’ no show will make up for it). I love you Des and the Zara shoes. Fits me perfectly. (Not as perfect as having to see you though. hahaha). 

Tusen takk Des!

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