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{ bitch bites } Crabs for grabs & other treats at Lotus Court

{ bitch bites } Trying what’s new on the menu.
It was a gathering in the House of Buchi in Davao once more, and to this invitation, I will never decline my attendance for a reason that is so obvious. Just like Anavi would say, “To get Jinggoy to come just say the magic word.”
But if you don’t know me too well or don’t know me at all, the magic word is one of these:
a. Hakao
b. Friends
c. Dimsum
d. Love
e. Japan
f. Issey
e. Miyake
g. BaoBao
h. Tokyo
i. India
j. Yoga
k. Buchi
l. Love
m. Siopao
n. Paris
o. Cartier
p. Venice
q. Prada
r. Prague
s. Crystal
t. Kyoto
u. Sakura
v. Turkey
w. Gucci
x. Florence
y. Gyoza
z. Ramen
For lunch, Lotus court prepared a special menu to highlight their popular dishes. As if the Dabawenyos are not craving for these, they came up with promotions this Kadayawan  to make sure they sate everyone’s palate for the delectable cuisine Davao has fallen in love with.
From the Dimsum Promotion & Crab Promotion, we had the Steamed Shrimp Dumpling (Hakao), Pork & Shrimp Siomai, the soup in a bun Shao Lung Pao & the Seafood Taro Puff.  Soup was the Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup.
Main Course: Stir-Fried Tseisim with Three kinds of Egg, Braised Homemade Tofu with Enoki Mushrooms & Broccoli. Then the three crab dishes  (from the long list of crab dishes the have in their menu) from their Up for Crabs Promotion were served –Deep Fried Crabs “Hong Kong” Style, Stir-Fried Crabs with Ginger & Onion & Braised Crabs with Vermicelli.
And the most important part of the meal- Dessert! We had the Chilled Mango Sago & the dish the reason I came-Sesame Balls Stuffed with Dark Chocolate (which Lotus Court Manager had to order a second serving so the rest of my colleagues can try it. Tee-hee).

The “Diners at the Round Table”:
Mike Dakudao, AMy Cabusao & Lotus Court’s main man, Arvin Dizon.
Kenneth Ong, Meg Sta. Ines & Ian Garcia
Maya Padillo, Rhonson Ng & Patty Basa
It would have been a good time to get to know Marco Polo’s new GM Bruno Simeoni in a relaxed environment. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able join us. It was nice of him to drop by and say hello.
What:         “Up for Crabs” 
When:        July 16- August 31, 2011
Three choices of Special Set Menus for a minimum group of four persons at P 700.00 net per person.
The menu spread shall consist of a combination of popular choices from the Mabuhay Palace food selections and recent monthly chef recommendation specials.
For every group of four persons who avail of the Special Set Menus, they will be entitled to a complimentary crab dish. Guest gets to choose from among the ten popular ways of crab preparation (offered a la carte as well) as follows:
Steamed Crabs with Minced Garlic 
Stir-fried Crabs with Ginger and Onion 
Stir-fried Crabs with Black Beans 
Stir-fried Crabs with Chili Sauce 
Stir-fried Crabs with Sate Sauce 
Stir-fried Crabs with Curry Sauce 
Deep-fried Crabs “Hong Kong” Style 
Deep-fried Crabs with Salt and Pepper 
Braised Crabs with Vermicelli in Hot Pot 
Braised Crabs with Coconut Spicy Sauce 

What you MUST TRY:

Stir-Fried Crabs with Ginger and Onion 
Braised Crabs with Vermicelli 
Deep Fried Crabs “Hong Kong” Style 
What:       Dim Sum Weekend Delight
When:      Every Saturday Lunch & Dinner from August 20, 2011
A buffet spread consisting of Congee station or Noodle soup station with various condiments, three kinds of Steamed Dim Sum, three kinds of Fried Dim Sum, fried rice, steamed rice, chilled dessert and hot desert. P 488.00 net per person.
What you MUST TRY:
Seafood Taro Puff 

Shao Lung Pao 
Braised Homemade Tofu with Enoki Mushrooms and Broccoli 
Stir-Fried Tseisim with Three kinds of Egg
Dark Chocolate Buchi

What:          Kadayawan Treat at Lotus Court
When:         August 5 to 25, 2011 
Lotus Court joins in the season sale and treats you to a dining feast with their amazing discount on a la carte and set menu specials for lunch and dinner. It’s 20% off on everything you want, anytime you want. And yes, this also covers the top-rated Sunday lunch buffet. 
Enjoy the city’s most celebrated month with a feast of authentic Cantonese delights, cooked and flavored with Davao’s own ingredients with ocean fresh bounty. 
Bitch Bites highly recommend:
New favorites:
Stir-Fried Tseisim with Three kinds of Egg
Braised Homemade Tofu with Enoki Mushrooms & Broccoli.

FOREVER favorite:
Buchi. Be it with the Red Beans filled or the Dark Chocolate. YUM!

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