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Bitch Finds: Bottom’s up!

Bitch Finds: Sharing discoveries. Awarding apples. Hurling lemons.

Lift those cheeks!

During a short stop in Manila, I hopped on the hotel shuttle bus that take/pick up their guests to the Rockwell, Glorietta & Greenbelt on scheduled hours of the day. It was Rockwell for me since I haven’t been to this mall for years.

As usual boredom took me from store to store waiting for something to catch my eye. And then, at Marks & Spencer I saw this.

It’s pretty much like Spanx for men.

The promise….. 

So, if you want your bottom to look firm in your jeans without going through the knife of Dr. Belo just yet, this might help. 
I bought one, but haven;t gone around to putting it on yet. Let’s see……
an apple for each cheek.

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