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This is how you wear it.

It’s tradition. Yearly, the Hijos de Dabaw gathers the growing family of the city for a night to honor the Davao’s patron Saint, San Pedro, and to salute the organization’s civic achievements. 
Unfortunately, a calamity struck our beloved city on the eve of this event. The coming assembly was suddenly (and unfairly) dubbed as “too pretentious”, “high-falluting”, “improper”, etc. with the current crisis and should be cancelled. 
How about looking at it on the brighter side and use the affair as a channel to call out to everyone present to extend their helping hands? 
Well, Hijos de Dabaw did just that.
Meanwhile, here are my  top picks from the 74th Hijos de Dabaw.

Tricia Braun-del Rosario in Oj Hofer

Baby Garcia in Inno Sotto

Caroline Taujo in Edgar Buyan

Oj Hofer donning his own design

Mike Dakudao in Rachy Cuna

Toby Ang in Patis Tesoro

3 Responses to “This is how you wear it.”

  1. jgd says:

    Beautiful! Informative article, jing, thank you very, very much!:D

  2. jgd says:

    Of course, and we were able to raise 20k that night from the people who attended. Bought 100 pcs of pails w calderos, plates, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, blankets, rice, corned beef & etc inside ea & every pail. Plus trapals, towels, clothes, shoes, food & water, underwear, etc.. Delivering to the site personally by ofcrs & some volunteers tmrw, July6 (Wed). Whoever wants to volunteer can go to Illuminada Farms ofc beside Casa Leticia in Ecoland, we leave by 8:30am

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